You are what you blog:

You are what you blog
: I finally got to meet Glenn Reynolds yesterday and found exactly what I expected: a charming, witty, unassuming, smart nice guy.

You say, What’s the news there? Am I just sucking up to the traffic man?

No. I have a point:

I have concluded that you can surely know a person through his weblog.

That is not true via other forms of writing. Novelists are not what they seem from their writing (anymore than actors are what they seem from their acting); they get to prune, preen, polish, and posture and make up a persona (thus, I would advise Mrs. Jonathan Franzen nee Elizabeth Spiers not to be fooled by her literary dreamboat’s style). Webloggers, on the other hand, have no time to spin themselves; they say what they think when they think it; their true selves inevitably seep onto the screen. Glenn Reynolds is just what he seems to be and so are all the other bloggers I have met.

You are what you blog.

: Glenn has been off-the-air since yesterday, when he came to New York to tape a TV show and obviously had a nightmare trip back. This was bad for him. But enough about him. How did this affect me? And even you? We were without him.

Thus the problem of the first truly connected medium.

Glenn was busy and traveling and couldn’t blog.

Patrick Philips of the indispensible was at the conference I attended this week and thus couldn’t blog the day away (I actually found myself using the conference’s WiFi to check Philips’ blog during the day, as is my habit, only to look across the aisle and realize there was going to be nothing new to read because Philips was sitting there, sans laptop).

Here is the best reason for spreading WiFi universally: so bloggers can blog anywhere anytime.