News wants to come out:

News wants to come out
: So Nick Denton and I are sitting at a big-name new conference in New York. We’re listening to the speakers (which is all off-the-record, thus the lack of blogging).

But we are also online (thanks to a Boingo connection — free).

And what are we doing? Checking up on the election.

We go to Drudge to get his leaked exit polls.

We go to Josh Marshall to see what his sources say.

Note, as Nick said, that we’re not going to CNN.

After f’ing up in the last election, the real networks and real news sources are being as careful as a bishop at a Boy Scout convention.

But weblogs? They are the under-the-radar rebels. They will report the news. The news must be reported. The news must come out.

: Nick would be blogging this right now but this is my computer and he has to borrow it. Possession is nine tenths nya nya.