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The future is past: I

The future is past
: I had a folder in my favorites (aka bookmarks) called “Future.” Hadn’t been there in awhile. Just tried to click on the links. They were ALL dead. gone. Click2send: gone. EntryPoint: as good as gone. gone. Iware: gone. Messageblaster: sold. Oneview: gone. Remarq: gone. gone. gone. Winfire: gone.

The future is past. Way past. Forgotten… if we’re lucky.

Thanks but no thanks: Andrew

Thanks but no thanks
: Andrew Sullivan reprints his essentially condescending thanks to America.

Condescending, irritating, grating, shallow, syncophantic. Glad you like the place — and please make yourself at home — but…

Picture yourself…: …in dominoes.

einstein.gifPicture yourself…
: …in dominoes.

Hello? Hello? I think I

Hello? Hello? I think I lost you…
: Sen. Chuck Schumer says cellelar coverage in New York City is the worst anywhere.

He wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Michael Powell:

Dear Mr. Powell:

I am writing because I believe cellular phone service in New York City has reached abysmal levels. Dropped calls, jammed networks, poor call quality and rigid contracts are quickly transforming an excellent modern convenience into a nightmare for consumers.

He says the FCC made a mistake dropping a requirement for coverage maps; Schumer says they should be required to show their dead zones. He says they should not charge us for airtime when they lose the call.

Go get ’em, Chuck.

Life in Norway: Norwegians are

Life in Norway
: Norwegians are worried about drunken moose.

: They are also up in arms about unequal tax on stripping: Women stripping get a value-added tax slapped on them while men stripping is considered tax-free art. Boy, did somebody get that wrong.