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In-tanned-pundit: Read this and tell

: Read this and tell me that Glenn Reynolds is not angling to move to Arizona.

Another sniper, another time: Charles

Another sniper, another time
: Charles Cohen survived the Walk of Death sniper in Camden, NJ 53 years ago but lost his mother, father, and grandmother to a Bible-toting gun nut. In a strong story in today’s Star-Ledger he talks about the memories this latest sniper is digging up.

Every time a serial killer strikes, Cohen is 12 years old again, cowering in the corner of his bedroom closet. He hears his mother’s frantic cries as if she were in the next room. “Hide, Charles! Hide!” He hears the shotgun blasts outside. He sees the bodies in the street….

“I know the victims are children and parents and husbands and wives, and I know the devastation their families are going through,” he said. “You never stop asking why. Why him? Why her? What set this off? There’s nothing you can do, so there’s total frustration. Total rage.

“They’ll start questioning God, but this has nothing to do with God,” Cohen said. “This is man. And sometimes there are no answers for the terrible things man does.”

9.11 trial: I haven’t seen

9.11 trial
: I haven’t seen much U.S. coverage of this: The first trial outside America of an alleged 9.11 confederate, as reported in the Guardian.

Facts, schmacts from the President:

Facts, schmacts from the President
: The Washington Post catches George in some fibs:

President Bush, speaking to the nation this month about the need to challenge Saddam Hussein, warned that Iraq has a growing fleet of unmanned aircraft that could be used “for missions targeting the United States.”

Last month, asked if there were new and conclusive evidence of Hussein’s nuclear weapons capabilities, Bush cited a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency saying the Iraqis were “six months away from developing a weapon.” And last week, the president said objections by a labor union to having customs officials wear radiation detectors has the potential to delay the policy “for a long period of time.”

All three assertions were powerful arguments for the actions Bush sought. And all three statements were dubious, if not wrong. Further information revealed that the aircraft lack the range to reach the United States; there was no such report by the IAEA; and the customs dispute over the detectors was resolved long ago.

As Bush leads the nation toward a confrontation with Iraq and his party into battle in midterm elections, his rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy in recent weeks.

Leisure travel will soon be

Leisure travel will soon be defined as the trip to bed
: Australians have obviously been warned not to go to Bali and Indonesia and now they’ve been warned not to go to Thailand or the Philippines, not to mention Burma.