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Bring back Rosie: Also from

Bring back Rosie
: Also from Aftenpostet, a researcher demands that media put more ugly people before the camera.

Lecturer Trond Andresen of the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim accuses the media of discriminating against the ugly and emphasizing beautiful people whenever possible. Andresen wants higher ugly quotas on television.

Or you can hire the guy in the pig mask.

Mi casa et soooie sooooie

pig.gifMi casa et soooie sooooie casa
: A Norwegian pig farmer makes his porkers perky by donning a pig mask and talking their language, reports Aftenpostet.

“It was a bit of fun at the beginning, but then I discovered how much calmer the pigs got when I took the time to chat with them for a few minutes in the pen,” Braut said.

He still turns them into bacon anyway.

Reminds me of some two-faced office colleagues I have known.

The…the…the… intellectual stammer: Listening to

The…the…the… intellectual stammer
: Listening to a New Yorker writer on NPR this afternoon, I hear a speech pattern I hear often on that network, always from intellectuals, often from writers. They don’t say “like, y’know.” They don’t say “duuude.” But they do tend to fill the dead air brought on by thought by repeating a word or syllable with an irritating frequency, as if the repetition emphasizes their thought as mere silence could not. Often, the word is “the” and I’ve heard it repeated three, four, even as many as a dozen times: “The… the… the… the… problem with this…. this… this… thinking is…” This is not stuttering; I wouldn’t make fun of that (unless listening to Howard Stern); this is an affectation and I wonder how it became so universal among the overeducated. They also love to say “sort of,” a meaningless phrase anyway that is inserted without any attempt at meaning; it is merely packing peanuts for thoughts. Drives me… me… me…. nuts.

Replacements: The name on everyone’s

: The name on everyone’s lips to replace the late Sen. Wellstone: Walter Mondale. He’s younger than Frank Lautenberg.

Terror: Haven’t had cause to

: Haven’t had cause to agree with and quote Andrew Sullivan in ages. But I do today:

So we have a Muslim convert, sympathetic to the murderers of 9/11, terrorizing the nation’s capital, and coming close to shutting its daily life down. I don’t see that it matters whether he was formally a member of al Qaeda or some other group. In fact, it’s more disturbing if he is not.