A blog too far: With

A blog too far
: With all due respect to Glenn Reynolds — which is a great deal of respect, indeed — I have to join the chorus of those who complain that he went too far with this smart-assed caption under a picture of Bill Clinton and Walter Mondale greeting each other with smiles and laughter at the memorial service for Sen. Paul Wellstone.

I’m helping to arrange a funeral right now and I shudder to fear that someone will think ill of me when I greet friend and family with a smile in a time of tragedy, when smiles are needed most.

Come on, Glenn: Clinton and Mondale like each other. That’s allowed, even at funerals, even among politicians, even liberals.

This is the kind of snippy and immature post that gives our ‘sphere a bad name. It is not the kind of thing you would see in most newspapers; it is the kind of thing someone would think of writing until an editor with a cooler head and wiser perspective said, “You don’t really want to say that, do you?” And the person who wrote it would say, “You’re right. Thanks, I needed that.”

Listen to your chorus of complainers on this, Glenn. They are your editors.

: And thanks for asking.