Moving day: With the amazing

Moving day
: With the amazing help of my amazing son, I think we just moved from Blogger to Movable Type (and upgraded to the new Movable Type 2.5 while we were at it). We shall see….

I think it’s working. I had to change my archive filenames, but the old archives are still up, so I hope old links still work.

At a moment such as this, it’s important to pay tribute to Blogger/Pyra and its founders and to Ev’s diligence and keeping it going. Without them, the Blogosphere would be a fraction, a fraction of a fraction, of the size that it is. All hail Blogger.

: All hail Movable Type, as well. It’s a wonderful product, superbly executed.

Methinks the two companies should tie together: Blogger is for all beginners; Movable Type for would-be geeks.

: Also note that I changed the name, above. It was WarLog: World War III. But most people started referring to the site by its juicy address: So I made the change.

: Next, a new template.