Dr. Blog: Woods Lot (which

Dr. Blog
: Woods Lot (which finds no end of amazing stuff from all corners of the web world) points us to a sympathetic scholarly paper on bloggering from the University of Oslo. (I just discovered I’m in the bibliography. Mom would be so impressed.)

The ratings that count
: Here is what the audience is saying about last night’s Soprano’s season premiere, on my NJ.com Soprano’s forum. They’re unenthusiastic.

: Update: But now the defenders of last night’s episode are piping up.

: Soprano’s, the Jersey bus tour.

: Something they could use on the Soprano’s in this tight economy: do-it-yourself casket kits [via WSJ].

The W Network
: Doesn’t Fox go overboard broadcasting every single speech by George Bush that he makes? Are they all news?

Death to paperwork
: The Palm Beach Post reports that copy paper stores in the mailroom of the anthrax-infected tabloid HQ in Florida spores and that copying machines then distributed them throughout the building:

According to the FBI’s reconstruction of events, AMI employees unwittingly distributed the clinging spores throughout the building when taking reams of copy paper to every department in the building, including AMI’s library, executive offices and such publications as The National Enquirer, Weekly World News and National Examiner, which were published in the building.

When the copy paper was inserted into the machines and used to make copies, investigators believe, the spores dislodged and were “aerosolized” into the atmosphere by the whirring fans and other moving parts of the high-speed copiers.

: I’m delighted to have my first piece included in Eric Olsen’s Blogcritics.com. It’s the piece about HBO and the Sopranos, below. It felt good to write about show biz again.

: Also, note the bad news: Eric is abandoning his other blog because he has a life; the good news: he’s now devoting his considerable energies to Blogcritics.