Queen of the news babes:

Queen of the news babes
: If you really want to see news babe mania (see earlier post below), try Googling Soledad O’Brien. Major lonely-guy-fan-club-stuff on her. There’s a site filled with pictures and stories here; an allegedly official Soledad Fan Club site here; the chance to hire her for a speech (for $10-20K) here; her own Yahoo category here; her official NBC bio here; photos here; and much more. I like her, too but…

: I’m vindicated. The very reputable Doc Searls appreciates the news babes.

Life candy
: Go see this post from Nick Denton. Or I’ll save you the trip and tell you the story now that he has told it first: He and I were sitting at the same long board meeting on Friday when a geek executive, trying to move off a dead-horse subject, told the group: “Let’s couch that.” Nick misheard that; he thought the guy said, “Let’s cache that.” And Nick quite liked that: It was the perfect geek way to say, “let’s save that.” Add it to the argot.

But that’s not the point of my telling the story.

As soon as this happened, Nick and I stared at each other with the exact same thought: Blog story! You could see in the twinkle in our eyes that we were each writing the post in our heads; if we’d had Wifi access to the Internet, we’d have raced to post it for real. We didn’t even have to say anything; we knew what we were thinking. We were in competition for this little slice of life to put on our blogs. But I nodded my head in deference, giving the point and the post to Nick, since he was the one who, through his reverse, aural malaprop, had misheard what was said and inadvertently invented a new saying. He won.

And that’s still not the point of my story.

This is the point: Bloggers live for those moments of real life to blog. We collect them: the small, cockeyed, fresh observation; the allegedly new thought or profound analysis; the very bon mot. It’s either a form of generosity or ego — I’ve never decided which — that drives us to share such life candy with our audience.

It reminds me of my days as a columnist. I was forever trolling for real life to write about. And sometimes, it got me in trouble. I got in hugely hot water one day when I quoted a friend of mine about a movie party we’d gone to; she was mad because her boyfriend didn’t know she was at the movie (with me) and he was none too happy reading it in the paper. Lesson learned.

One has to be careful.

I long ago learned not to blog family (I’ve actually asked my kid’s permission when I’ve done it).

I can imagine Lileks’ incredibly cute kid in years hence whining, “Daddy, don’t you dare blog that!”

Or she’ll just start a blog of her own and they’ll race for the post.

Two words…
: … for Nick Denton: cable modem.

DSL is dead tech.

Shame on me
: Shame on me for even finding this. More shame for passing it on: A page devoted to Fox news babes.

Catherine Herridge is my favorite because, well, I’m a classy guy (she went to Harvard and she’s not one of the Fox blonde bombasts).

: That asteroid won’t hit us afterall. We’re on a winning streak: Miners OK. No asteroid. Maybe the stock market will go up now.

Update: Good news, too, travels in threes. Dow up almost 450.