Rocky road: NBC made the

Rocky road
: NBC made the bone-headed decision tonight to air Daylight, a flick about a horrendous explosion in one of the tunnels between New York and New Jersey in which Sylvester Stallone rescues a hearty band of survivors.

Now I’m not trying to act oversensitive; this is not one of those PC wrist-slaps about how this might offend people.

I’m only offended by Stallone’s acting in the thing. Everyone’s acting in the thing. It’s a bad flick.

But why go out of your way to show such a bad flick that happens to be about most every New Yorker’s worst fear, worst phobia, worst nightmare, especially now: What if they try to bomb a tunnel?

On top of that, it ends with a long shot of the World Trade Center.

If there were a booby prize at the Emmys….