Blog shutdown: So many bloggers

Blog shutdown
: So many bloggers are taking time off about now, I think we should declare the official Blog Shutdown every July. France shuts down in August. We shut down in July. All in favor, say “aye” — as soon as you return.

(Actually, this is just me trying to assuage my guilt for taking off a week and then paying too little attention to this, my digital mistress.)

Hey, Queenie
: Brit TV executive gooses the Queen.

F’ing flattery
: A colleague points me to this on F’d company:

Rumor has it FC’s namesake, Fast Company, are totally redesigning their magazine with new layout and a new LOGO, starting with their September issue. I hear from a few people on the inside that their new logo looks almost identical to F…company’s current logo, which, ironically, used to be a ripoff of Fast Company’s logo (which they made me change…) maybe i’ll send them a nasty letter.. har har. UPDATE: Here’s an official mockup of their upcoming December, 2002 issue, with new logo & design.

So F’d Company mocked Fast Company’s logo; Fast Company made them stop and redesign; F’d Company redesigned; now Fast Company is redesigning and copying the F’d Company logo. Got that?

If nothing else, this Internet thing is good for a laugh.

Andy, we hardly knew ye
: I’m not the only one. I confessed to fellow bloggers last night that I’ve pretty much stopped reading Andrew Sullivan and others nodded. Why? He’s just so two-note.

WeBlog, You Blog, We All Blog…
: A free, preview chapter from WeBlog, the much-anticipated book from Meg Hourihan et al, is now online here.

Evil bike riders
: I admit it. I’m prejudiced. I’m a bike bigot. I hate bike riders.

Not kids on bike. Not dumpy guys in shorts on bikes. Not moms on bikes.

I can’t stand the show-off dorks in their too-tight Spiderman outfits and padded codpieces who hog the road as if they think it was built for them.

I live in a hilly area with lots of trees and streets that used to be country roads (but they’re busier now; my town is a suburb in rural drag). Bikers love it there. They invade in packs. They take over the roads. It’s bad enough having to slow down to a crawl behind them, since they refuse to move to the right.

The other day, I was coming up a steep hill and coming my way were bikers taking over both lanes, heading straight for me. And they give me dirty looks as if I am taking up space on their road.

What frigging dorks they are. Dangerous. Deluded. Dorks in Spandex.

When I’m out running (hey, that’s real exercise — no wheels, no gears, no tailwinds, just sweat) I invariably run into bikers. I say, “Good morning,” and give a little wave. They act as if they’re concentrating too hard on setting the land-speed record to be able to be polite and say, “Hi,” in return.

Rude dorks.

Rude impotent dorks in ugly Spiderman Spandex.

: Will Warren on doctors’ confusion on fat:

Now I