Please, folks, remember: Amy Langfield

Please, folks, remember
: Amy Langfield remembers to remember what happened in September.

The blog blog
: Hylton Jolliffe of the wonderful Corante media and technology site now has a blog on blogging. I hope he can keep up this level of energy: very impressive.

The blog biz
: John Hiler, whose Microcontent News is also associated with Corante, writes that blogging software is disruptive technology — disruptive to content management systems. He’s onto something. Blogging software could not run lots of sites. But for certain sites, it does pretty amazing things: publishing current and archived content to multiple templates from multiple authors. It could do wonders for workflow and some other things I’ve been thinking about, too….

Blog blather
: Watch for another blogging story, this time from a certain great British magazine; was interviewed today.

Body v. brain
: I was feeling inferior tonight watching Dog Eat Dog, the latest alleged-reality show on NBC. The bodies were amazing; the strength impressive; just looking at them, I was reminded of all those times I was picked last for the team in school. But then we came to the final question that determined the winner of the night: Who served as both president and vice-president of the United States but was not elected to either office? The lady with the body as hard as the rocks in her head answers, after much thinking, “Colin Powell.”

I no longer felt inferior.

But I did fear for the news business. Is anybody paying attention out there?

Ken Layne is a fool
: And so am I. He tells us why we should all be writing TV scripts.