Revenge of the middle level:

Revenge of the middle level
: I’m glued to the testimony of squeaky wheel FBI agent Coleen Rowley before the Senate. It’s not that I disagree with a thing she’s saying. It’s not that I don’t give her credit for having the guts to complain.


With her Fargo drone and her schoolmarm glasses and her willingness to propound her personal recommendations on any topic — even the structure of the federal government itself — I have to believe that every single FBI boss over her — competent or incompenent — is gritting and grinding teeth right now, unable to say a thing, unable to shout: She’s just a midwestern midlevel cog.

You know what’s going to happen afterwards. She has been assured she won’t be subject to reprisals. She’ll have a job forever. I’ll just bet that they’ll move her to Washington. Now that Agent Muldar has left, they have a nice basement office nobody ever visits ready for Agent Rowley.

What, you’d rather have a Queen and her Twit Prince?
: I think I should invite Nick Denton to a good, rousing, all-American Fourth of July picnic and fireworks show.

: So Bush is going to turn the Office of Homeland Security into a cabinet-level organization.

At frigging last!

We need an office that is accountable.

We need to end the bullshit fights over Ridge testifying to Congress.

We need to break up and clean up the FBI.

We need to get our act together.