Fly naked: The other day,

Fly naked
: The other day, I screamed about the president of American Airlines arguing that we should have less airport security. Now we have managers of 39 airports complaining to Norman Minetta about the luggage x-ray machines he promised to install but has not yet installed in our airports.

The letter says the bomb-detection devices the TSA has ordered installed by Dec. 31 will create crowds of people in terminals who could be targets for attacks; the machines would be installed near terminal entrances and thus create huge congestion there. The devices would quickly become outdated, the letter adds, yet require big construction costs.

I agree with Bill Quick: It’s about money, just money.

And won’t they all feel like greedy jackasses the next time a terrorist sneaks through their torn net.

Jersey boy
: Springsteen was inspired by 9/11 for his new album.

Coast roast
: I just happened upon ABC’s Hamptons show tonight. Quick, Californians, set your TiVos now and watch this. It’ll make you feel good. Back when I lived on the other coast, Marin and Mill Valley were America’s ludicrious laughingstocks. The Hamptons replaces them. What a bunch of time-wasting twits.

Nets! Nets! Nets!
: OK, Layne, we’re on. We’re engaging in the great media cliche: the geographic sports bet, Nets vs. Lakers, Jersey vs. L.A. (see below).

The only thing is, I may not drive to the shore. I don’t like beaches. The sand gets in your socks, you know.

So I’ll drive to another Jersey landmark: mall, refinery, or Turnpike rest station with a Laker’s flag flying … not.

The column-inch is mightier than the sword
: Not sure what I think about this: The Jerusalem Post is trying to get people to buy ads to support Israel.

Help Israel “breathe easier” by joining our “Founders Club”. $720 buys you maximum exposure to demonstrate your support for Israel. In addition to all the standard benefits, “Founders” receive a half page ad to be filled with your name in each of the two special Support Israel Now supplements to be distributed with all Jerusalem Post print products in time for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, two free gift subscriptions to the International Jerusalem Post or Jerusalem Report and 10 trees to be planted in your name by the Jewish National Fund.

OK. But (a) you’re preaching to the choir and (b) you’re really supporting the paper. Now if those same ads ran in al-Ahram and a few select Saudi papers, the sign me up.

Invention is a mother
: We’re one of those households that gets every imaginable catalog and I love to find amazing and ridiculous products. I found the king tonight: The Tingler. Gotta love the catalog copy:

Ten flexible copper tendrils glide through your hair, penetrating right through to your scalp. Smooth tips stimulate sensitive nerve endings, giving you a major-league case of goose bumps