The pause that oppresses: So

The pause that oppresses
: So Arabs are boycotting Coke. Instead, they’re stuck drinking ZamZam Cola with their Yasir Arafat Chips.

Why don’t we just boycott something of theirs — say, oil?

Make that a MediumMac, please
: McDonald’s advertises in France not to eat too much of their food. Fewer customers = fewer chances for frigging frogs to attack Americanism, I guess.

Wrong head
: The Journal wants Robert Mueller’s head to roll. Wrong head. Ashcroft needs to go. He has not managed to catch the bad guys; he has run the FBI badly; he is endorsing a half-way fix now; he has not sense of priorities. Get rid of this ineffectual nut. Replace him with Rudy Guliani.

Winged dork
: The head of American Airlines must be an idiot. No other explanation. He’s saying we should cut back on airport security:

“It will be a hollow victory indeed if the system we end up with is so onerous and so difficult that air travel, while obviously more secure, becomes more trouble for the average person than it is worth,” Carty said in a speech here to the American Chamber of Commerce.

And it will be a hollow profit indeed if you make more money and more people get killed.

Frigging fool. Aren’t you reading the news? The FBI is still a bunch of Friggin’ Bungling Idiots. The Transportation Department has not managed to get promised security in place. Airports are constantly being closed because security guards are about as dumb as you.

I’m not flying. I got my eyes checked today and the sole topic of conversation with the nice doctor was how he hasn’t flown and still won’t fly. Howard Stern won’t fly. People are flying if they have to. If you reduce security, they will fly even less. Idiot.Nobody listen to him. His brain has been affected by bad air and radiation at high altitude.

Smart marketing/dumb marketing
: Now if Expedia had half a brain (and they should), they would read this customer service horror story and immediately email the guy and fix it. The poor consumer would then say that on his site and we’d all be impressed. That would be smart marketing. Not doing anything would be dumb marketing. Not knowing that the post is there would be criminally ignorant marketing. That is the worst

: If I had a brand to manage, I’d go to Daypop every day and enter it. Try Expedia, Expedia.

First, journalists, then J-school… first, weblogs, now W-school
: Richard Bennett points us to a course in Weblogs (where else: Berkeley).

Prerequisites: of course, none.

A little friendly advice
: Ken Layne’s advice to Pakistan and India:

Will you people quit this garbage? It’s 2002. You all need to work on your image, right? The United States and Russia are trashing two-thirds of their nuclear weapons. We just found oceans of ice on Mars. There are Internet cafes in Karachi.

Turns out it’s more fun to be alive than to be crisped by a crude nuke due to some jackalope’s big idea about national pride.

A new pub
: I just discovered Jewsweek [via the venerable HolyWeblog] and it’s a fine piece of work with good reporting and writing. This week, a story on the other battlerground over partition involving Muslims, the hot potato in India and Pakistan — and how Israel and India are allied:

The number of Indians and Pakistanis who died during the fighting, migrations, and expulsions during their countries’ birth-agonies is not less than half a million, and possible several times that