Star Wars meets graphic geeks:

Star Wars meets graphic geeks
: I don’t speak Spanish but it doesn’t matter; I can see that this is a killer great graphic on Star Wars, tracking the characters and locales through the entire saga. From the graphic geniuses at El Pais.

Friggin’ Bungling Idiots
: I’m watching John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller on FoxNews now. Almost sad. Ashcroft doth protest too much; he’s heaping too much support on Mueller; won’t last. Mueller looks like a nervous account executive giving his final PowerPoint presentation in dire hopes of holding onto an account he messed up. He’s reading his priorities to us.

They both should take lessons from Donald Rumsfeld. Granted, Rummy didn’t get bin Laden or Mullah Omar but he bleeds confidence. These guys ooze insecurity. Not what we need right now.

: Andrew Sullivan is big enough to thank Eric Olsen for pointing out that his permalinks were broken. He says they are fixed. I tried to use them. This link does not take me to the item in which all this happens. It takes me to the previous day. Oh, well.

The exploding Apple
: Just another commute in New York: I arrive on the PATH and they’ve shut down 34th Street and environs — the Empire State Building, Macy’s, Herald Square — because of explosions.

Yes, we all thought what you think we thought. But it’s happening enough that nobody panicked or ran. They just grumbled.

Turns out that manhole covers were blowing off because of other problems underground. It happens. It’s New York.