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: is an interesting site I found via Die Zeit and I don’t think it has bubbled up among blogs (at least according to Daypop, it has not) and so I pass it on.

The shtick:

Each week, they tackle another Israeli/Palestinian issue with two pieces written from one side and two from the other.

This week, the issue is Palestinian reform.

From their different angles, the pieces from both sides agree that reform is going to end up being a sham. They say that Sharon does not want reform but instead just wants any way to dilute Arafat. They say that Palestinian leaders who are in power don’t want reform; they are using it to try to gain or maintain advantage following Arafat’s detention. They say that free and open elections are needed. Agreement.

A piece from the Palestinian side concludes:

The litmus test for any calls for reforming the Palestinian political system and their significance or seriousness is whether they include calls for regular, free and democratic elections that will empower the public and enforce accountability, transparency and efficiency. Otherwise, any changes are going to be the flawed product of the same people that are responsible for the current situation.

The means of judging demands for reform, whether they emanate from Washington or Tel Aviv or come from Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza, is how they incorporate the Palestinian demand for comprehensive and free elections.

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: I think that John Hiler has been doing a great job at Microcontent News taking the pulse of this fibrillating medium. Today, go there to chortle about Nick Denton’s caricature.