It’s about time: Cats closes.

It’s about time
: Cats closes.

Adam Pepper
: Do not miss Dawn Olsen’s [other half of power blogging couple with Eric Olsen] takedown of Adam “I’d vote for Pim” Curry:

What was Glenn Reynolds thinking when he resurrected this relic from the 80’s, who in his heyday was an uncool – disconnected from anything remotely cool, without one fucking ounce of coolness in him – helplessly rejected, bad-hair-life-having, sphincter-plug? It just brings back horrible, terrifying, nightmarish thoughts of ’80s hairmetal and all the cliches that go with it.

If you haven’t guessed who I am talking about, let me help you out: Adam Curry. He was the 80’s Carson Daly minus any semblance of a sense of humor and with less charm. Just because the guy lives in Amsterdam, was once a celebrity, and has an opinion (which I couldn’t give two rat hairs about) regarding Pim Fortuyn doesn’t make him any more newsworthy than any other useless, washed-up has-been.

I went to his site just to be sure I wasn’t missing something that more intelligent people may have picked up on, and guess what: I am not missing a damn thing. I did discover he is still a pompous, ego-inflated, wholly uninteresting dwid with worse grammar and spelling than mine. Can someone tell me why this abomination has been dragged back into the spotlight? Is it so he could be cruelly and maliciously ridiculed? Is it to give us an example of what NOT to aspire to? Or is Glenn just being subversively funny and I didn’t get the joke?

Go, girl.

: Now Richard Bennett weighs in on the commercial future of blogs, arguing that technology will replace Instapundit et al.

That’s a technologists view of things.

It misses one crucial, human element: Opinion. Voice. Personality. That is what weblogs bring to the party. Steven Johnson and Richard Bennett are right that weblogs do a good job of pointing to the most notable stories, by the weight of their linking. But that’s not the only reason I read [pardon me for not linking these; I’m lazy sated with red wine] Reynolds, Welch, Layne, Denton, Johnson, et al. I read them because they’re readable. They have something to say. They’re human. They’re not just a search engine. That’s still a virtue.

All this talk has inspired a Big Idea in me. More soon.

Phone mail jail via Kafka
: Hilarous post from Nick Denton today on the perils of technology.