A. Welch: I told Matt

A. Welch
: I told Matt Welch that I thought he was the mysterious A. Beam. My forensic blogging:

: He knows the whole L.A. clique well.

: Both of them say “anyways.”

Good enough for me.

Welch denies it.

So did Joe Klein.

: Jim Treacher thought it’s Welch, too. Welch says he thought it was Treacher or Blair.

: Emmanuelle adds:

we’re about to go to another L.A. party/barbecue where everybody accuses each other of being a.beam! It’s like an Agatha Christie novel: every body is a suspect. It’s fun! I suspect that a.beam writes from New York and has a lot of ideas.

All those L.A. people ever do is party.

: Spiderman on track to smash records with a $105-million weekend. [via Drudge]

World’s worst job
: Mailman.

Allah’s shame
: The other day, I quoted Elie Wiesel calling on Muslim clerics to issue a fatwa against suicide-murderers.

Instead, they are issuing fatwas encouraging hate and murder.

At Islam Online, a nonMuslim writes in that he heard hateful incantations in Mosques in Arab countries: