Vanity: So many states are

: So many states are starting to use their license plates as bumper stickers, allowing groups to make political statements there. Virginia will have confederate flags on its tags. Florida has an antiabortion — uh, I mean, prolife — plate (and, I believe, Louisiana — though I can’t find that one). Nevada has a nuclear plate.

This is stupid. There will be no stopping it now: PETA plates, gun plates, clone plates, antiKrugman plates.

And here is the one I want:

Long time no siege
: Arafat is sprung and the Independent says he got no heroe’s welcome-home; he got a shrug, perhaps for the wrong reasons, but it’s nice to see him dissed for any reason:

Yasser Arafat had the air of an ageing thespian stepping out of the wings to savour a curtain call and drink in the warmth of his fans before taking a triumphant bow. But, as he strutted anew on the world stage, the applause was patchy and so were the crowds….

But as the Palestinian leader