I’d like to thank…: I’m

I’d like to thank…
: I’m very proud and happy that two of my sites — Epicurious and Style.com — were nominated for Webbys.

Nonetheless, I was disappointed that the high-falutin’ “International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences” did not see fit to notice and award the only new trend on the Internet in two years: Weblogs.

That’s what is wrong with awards. They are always two steps behind.

Extra! Extra!
: Click here to subscribe to the new L.A. paper. No, it doesn’t exist yet. But if you all show passionate interest in the thing, then it will exist.

: Bennett on the paper.

A year after
: ABC plans to devote a full day of programming to the one-year anniversary come Sept. 11.

: Quick responds quickly to the post below.