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Welcome home
: Mr. Hartung’s LakeFX is back.

Reply to sender
: Efrem (below) forwards the response he got from saudiembassy.net:

Thanks Efram. We think the United States of Israel is a great little country too. Maybe one day it will be our fourteenth province. Just kidding.

And Will Vehrs sends this to the Saudis:

Align yourselves with freedom and democracy, not with

violence and oppression. Support peace with Israel, not the Intifada. Urge the Palestinians to accept the boundries of a new state and help them build a nation based on a free people and free markets. Seek the US as your partner in peace and prosperity; stop the support of dark forces that attempt to undermine the only nation that can offer you military and economic security.

You stand at a historic crossroads. Follow the suicide bombers and radical Islamofascists into the dustbin of history, or embrace peace and freedom, teach it to your children, and achieve greatness.