Tell the Saudis what you

Tell the Saudis what you think of them…
: Not that they listen but… Let’s have a little fun.

So the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is threatening to threaten us with playing the oil card.

VodkaPundit says what the Prince can do with his threats.

Better yet, why don’t we all tell the Prince ourselves!

The Saudi embassy has its own email address:

So send them email directly — just in case they don’t read blogs.

While you’re at it, also CC this address I just created — so we can all share.

: And already, the mail bag starts filling up. This from Efrem Zionist Jr.:

Hi! How y’all doin’? Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I think–and I’m speaking as an American here–I think you’ve got a great little country. I don’t care what anybody says, it’s not just 865,000 square miles of crude oil, suicide pilots, and anti-Semitism. I think you’re going to make a fine 51st state. Don’t worry, the Pledge of Allegiance is easy to learn!

No, no, just kidding. I’m sure you’ll start off as a terrortory of the United States. I mean territory. But no! I’m just joking, really. You know how us Jew-lovers are, always cracking wise.

So, which hand should I chop off for sending this? Kidding!

A is for Andrew…
: Jim Treacher starts the blogictionary. One true entry:

Instalanche: A sudden influx of thousands of hits that threatens to crush your server, brought on by a link from Glenn Reynolds at

Appropriate for today, I suggest blogspotty: The reliability of Blogspot.

The Wall, cont.
: Eric Olsen weighs in on the wall.

: And a reader, Steven Postrel, counters on Olsen’s site.

We will soon build a wall between prowall and antiwall bloggers.

Maybe the French are right
: Well that headline gets your attention, eh?

Those protesting French are protesting not only their own insane election returns but also the corporate performance at Vivendi. Shareholders and employees “stormed” (that’s what the French always do: storm) the company’s annual meeting.

A wonderful idea.

What if we did the same at AOL Time Warner’s annual meeting? I said when the merger with AOL occurred that it was a big, fat mistake, that it was just Time Warner being frightened of its own future (and lack of strategy for it), that AOL was not worth anywhere near what was being calculated in the deal. Time Inc. had done things like this before; when I was there, they were afraid that Chris Whittle’s company (which put magazine’s in doctors’ waiting rooms) was going to eat its lunch and so they bought a big piece of his pie for too much money. They ended up writing all that off when Whittle croaked.

So now it turns out that the AOL Time Warner merger was a $54 billion boo-boo.

I still own too much of their stock, having worked there for a decade.

I’m depressed.

Maybe I should do some storming.

: I meant:

Blogger : Journalist :: Butterfly : Caterpillar.

It makes a big difference.