Rub-off: We can all tell

: We can all tell from our traffic when we get an Instapundit link, as I was fortunate to get today for two posts (on Moussaoui and my hate mail from Bill Cosby, below).

I can also tell from my traffic when Blogspot is down, as it is right now; I get fewer links from all those Blogspot blogs and my traffic gets hit.

My luck that Blogspot goes down just as gives me a nod.

: Mediaminded throws in the towel.

But Letter From Gotham gets back in the ring.

Old way v. new way
: The accepted wisdom is that the Web is a rotten way to read newspapers. That’s what I always thought and said.

But this week, I’m south of the center of the universe (and I’m on a dial-up connection) and so I’m reading the Washington Post on paper, the first I’ve done that in ages.

Especially since Sept. 11, I’ve been reading the Post online — and I have to say, I prefer that. It’s a combination of factors: The Post’s web site it that good: well-organized, easy to browse, clean to read. And the Post on paper is oddly small; the size of the paper (the web, as we call it in the trade) is much narrower than the NY Times (to save money on paper) and it seems they try to cram more into that smaller space. I’m not alone. My wife found the Post hard to read.

Accepted wisdom is sometimes wrong.

Leave it to Moussaoui
: We’ll be watching Robert Blake on trial on TV when what we should be watching is Zacarias Moussaoui on the tube — not because it would be entertaining to see this bozo defending himself but because it would project the perfect — that is, perfectly accurate — image of Muslim fanatics as dangerous and demented and just plain stupid.

This is why we should have cameras in all courtrooms, to let us see the truth.