Inked stained wretch vs. linked

Inked stained wretch vs. linked Layne kvetch
: I’m delighted for Matt Welch and Ken Layne that they’re working on the not-so-secret project to start a new paper in L.A. (if New York’s new paper is the Sun, should L.A.’s be the Moon?).

I have just one complaint, just one fear: They’re already blogging less. What happens when they have to publish or perish? Will the boys still blog?

: Update: Layne doth protest. Good. We’ll keep him honest.

He also brags about posting more than I do. Hey, I’m on vacation… sort of.

: Whenever I think I’ve finished cataloguing the changes from that day, another one pops up.

I got caught in an awful storm last night as I drove home: 76 mph winds, dust and debris flying everywhere, the sky suddenly dark, huge flashes from some transformer blowing up, vision cut off from all the rain.

I didn’t get a flashback to 9.11; this was just rain; I don’ t have PTSD.

But I did realize that I approached the danger in a wholly new way. I found myself going through a calculus of risk, as I did that day: Could I be hurt? Could I be killed? Is there an escape? How was I stupid enough to end up trapped here? I then found myself with a very calculated calm, forcing myself to keep my wits to keep safe.

Just another change for the list.

: My uncle and his mate wanted to take us into Washington today to show the kids the sights. But the anti-globo bozos took over the city. So much for our capital.

Outa here
: Going on vacation. Will post between raindrops.