Here we go again…: Robert

Here we go again…
: Robert Blake and his bodyguard arrested tonight in the killing of his wife.

It’s starting with echoes of O.J.: Helicopters following a white vehicle with the suspect inside as it wends its way through L.A.’s freeways. And Geraldo’s preening. So is Greta. Deja view.

This will be the test of whether we are a newly serious America or whether we love filthy gossip best: Will Blake push the Middle East and terrorism down and off the front page?

Geraldo is treating this murder trial as “entertainment” — “a welcome diversion” — from the gore of 9.11 and the Middle East.

There’s no clash of civilizations in this story.

And at least there’s no race card ths time.

Those wacky French
: Thousands of employees and Frech people rallied against the firing of the head of Canal Plus. Can you imagine Americans rallying on behalf of any fired executive?

Less dead
: Nick Denton has a correction/clarification on the suitcase bomb sweats below.