Ch-ch-ch-changes: I was walking on

: I was walking on Times Square at lunchtime. Saw a guy with three fanny packs around his waste. A year ago, I would have thought: “Tourist dork.” Now I think: “Dynamite?”

: Charles Johnson has been speculating on the odor inside Arafat’s compound. This report from the NY TImes doesn’t help the image:

“I am down to the last analgesics,” said Dr. Zedi Abu Shawish, a surgeon and deputy director of hospitals for the West Bank who said he has been caring for a half dozen wounded Palestinian fighters inside with dwindling supplies left by the Red Cross, performing an amputation below the knee on one man with just local anesthetic. “I need first of all the water. It’s the most important here for us, because if I have more diarrhea here, it will be messy.”