Fitting: So the latest is

: So the latest is that Colin Powell’s meeting with Arafat is put off from Saturday to Sunday. Let’s hope he’s using the time to get fitted with a belt of explosives. Now that is how we should negotiate with Arafat!

: FoxNews reports that in the aftermath of today’s suicide/homicide bombing, Powell is now reconsidering meeting Arafat. Thank God. There has to be some consequence to the horrid acts he controls.

Food market — yeah, that’s a military target
: The mayor of Jerusalem — just on FoxNews — had only moments before been in the marketplace the latest Palestinian suicide/homicide/bomber/slime just attacked, killing at least 6 and injuring more than 70. He was buying a cake for his shabbos meal. He was pissed. He should be. So should we. So should Europe. So should the entire damned civilized world. Back off? Now? Are we nuts?

Hairy belly alert
: Dan Hartung sends me this picture of Palestinians in the new international sign of surrender — “Shirts Up!” instead of “Hands Up!” (see yesterday’s post). By the way, these guys aren’t starving.