Terrorists are our enemy: Jonah

Terrorists are our enemy
: Jonah Goldberg has a particularly FOS (full of it) column today arguing that we should end our war on terrorism because terrorism is not an “ism,” like communism or fascism; it is a means.


Terrorists purposely targetinnocent civilians for their political ends. Terrorism is wrong. It is evil. Those who harbor terrorists are terrorists. (Listen to me spouting Bush!). Terrorism is a wrong in and of itself. Terrorists are our enemies, for we have been attacked by them.

Goldberg proceeds to give inane examples to try to prove his point. He asks whether we’d be against Irish terrorists if they started their crimes again. You bet. Would we invade? No. England doesn’t need the help. But would we go after those here who harbor and support such terrorists? Yes. He asks what we’d do if terrorist rebels got started in godless China. Well, if they purposely targeted civilians to cause terror in the population for their political ends, no matter how noble, I sure as hell hope we would not support them.

Terrorists are our enemy.

That is why I hope Bush keeps winking and Sharon keeps digging them out. Every terrorist he catches is one who cannot blow himself and innocent children up in Israel… or here.

Terrorists are our enemy.

The president says it. I agree. I just wish he’d mean it.

A proper memorial
: The punchline to Myron Magnet’s piece in City Journal about a proper 9.11 memorial:

Whatever monument we finally choose, it should rise in a square amid a rebuilt center of business, not in the midst of a 16-acre necropolis. Even though emotions are raw, we have to keep in mind that we are building for the ages. Fifty years from now, the best memorial to those who died in the attack will be that their monument adorns what is still the world trade center. They believed in the ceaseless activity of commerce and finance that extends prosperity and freedom around the globe. They wanted to be where the action is. And future generations should remember them in the midst of the energetic, ever-striving, optimistic world that they helped to create, that their murderers sought to annihilate, and that we will keep forever alive.

Been hitting the hummus too much, fella?
: There is a new international signal of surrender, thanks to the suicide/homicide bombing lunatics in the Middle East: Pulling up your shirt to show your naked belly, not covered with dynamite. I can’t find the picture online but I saw it in the paper the other day as Palestinians surrendered to Israelis on the West Bank. They didn’t have their hands up. They had their shirts up.

: Via Tal G, a blog in Persian. Of course, I can’t read a character of it but I checked out the links, thinking I’d find incendiary stuff. No, just links to news, tech, and movies. Hoping for some translation…

Blogs re blogs
: Tim O’Reilly [via Boing] with pithiness on blogging:

These daily diaries of links and reflections on links are the new medium of communication for the technical elite. Replacing the high-cost, high-octane, venture-funded Web site with one that is intensely personal and built around the connectivity between people and ideas, they are creating a new set of synapses for the global brain. It’s no accident that weblogs are increasingly turning up as the top hits on search engines, since they trade in the same currency as the best search engines–human intelligence, as reflected in who’s already paying attention to what.

Weblogs aren’t just the next generation of personal home pages, representing a return to text over design and, lightweight content management systems. They are also a platform for experimentation with the way the Web works: collective bookmarking, virtual communities, tools for syndication, referral, and Web services.

: Arnold Kling at Econoblog:

My view is that blogging “professionally” is like participating in an open source software project. The economic benefit consists of an enhanced reputation that could be used in other ways.

: David Weinberger will be blogging from China for the Boston Globe, of all papers. Guess they’re trying to make up to us for the sin of A Beem.

: Ken Goldstein adds — and adds and adds — his two cents on blog traffic.