I’d like to thank…: The

I’d like to thank…
: The Pulitzers have been announced and the big guys trounced the rest of the industry. The NY Times took most, winning for the Nation Challenged section, for photography, and for Thomas Friedman; the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and LA Times took most of the rest. Good for them all.

If I ran a paper, I wouldn’t even enter these contests. In most years — when there isn’t an earth-shattering event such as 9.11 to give the big guys with the big resources the edge — The Pulitzers and other prizes skew journalism away from the audience, motivating papers to create long, boring, self-important pieces that are aimed at fellow journalists, not at the people who buy and read and need newspapers.

: I keep telling Nick Denton I want him to hire me when he starts his next company. Here’s why:

I intend my next company to be different. No more late nights. No more monomaniac workaholics. Less heat, more light. If I keep my nerve, I