There’s a reason they call

There’s a reason they call it ‘insta’
: Says David Warren:

“What do you make of Bush’s speech? Cave in? Or prelude to something bigger?”

This was the question flashed at me by an American blogger within seconds of President Bush concluding his address on Thursday. The speed of modern thought is astonishing, impressive.

The answer here.

Dear Mr. Ayatollah
: Andrea Harris has nice things to say about my Age of Emotions post, below (of which I am rather proud, if I do say so myself) and then she one-ups me. I won’t quote it so I keep my PG rating.

: Reid Stott tackles the same issues I tackled in my post on the Age of Emotions (below) and the same ones Matt Welch did in a good post. Read them all.

: Eric Olsen has thoughtful posts on whether there are one or two wars in the Middle East — a war for Palestinian sovereignty and/or a war of murderous Islamic fundamentalist anti-Semites. Are they one and the same? Read him, Norman Podhoretz, Amos Oz, and Charles Johnson on the topic.

: Read Charles Johnson on many topics.

: Virginia Postrel did a far better job than I could have finding the bull in Norah Vincent‘s thin-as-electrons analysis of blogs as conservative voices that tweak big, liberal media. I’m media. I’m blog. What does that make me? Confused? [via known liberal Matt Welch}

: Tal G takes a stroll in Israel and he sees: “2 camera crews (I think one was British; the other spoke French) .. and a car with multiple Danish flag stickers and “TV” written with masking tape on the side. This latter trick (the “TV” thing) is done I think by most journalists that drive around the Palestinian territories. At the risk of oversimplifiying, it’s code for “don’t shoot me”. ”

: Jacob Shwirtz on why we should rebuild at WTC: “I would rather be able to bring my children to a redeveloped World Trade Center (with appropriate historical markings, etc.), than a World Trade Cemetery.”

: Jim Treacher has found his blog voice, all right. He gives big-time Salon a better punchline for the George W Bush meets Ozzy Osbourne for dinner story: ” ‘Perhaps Ozzy and George could share their ’70s memory.’ Because it’s singular, see? Between the two of them? Okay, but it was worth every penny you paid for it.”

: I asked whether there were any pro-Palestinian blogs (since every blog I see has the good sense to be against terrorism). Here are a few from readers: Electronic Intifada, Common Dreams. That’s all? Majority rules.

: The new Rossi is up. That always makes me happy. This time, it’s about her feeling old. Since she’s probably about half my age, that makes me feel doubly old.

: Matthew Yglesias finally has larger TYPE. I was afraid his font was just another young person’s way to make me feel old.

: I’m only 47. Yes, only.

: I wish I had time to read half of what den Beste writes. But I don’t. I’m getting old. I have only so much time left.

: Via Relapsed Catholic, why do people say Jesus H. Christ? “The H stands for Harold, as in, “Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name” (snort).”

: Mark Steyn is great and note that bloggers are not bigoted about print wretches; we all love him. Here’s why: “All civilized people can agree that killing Jews is wrong. Well, killing six million of them 60 years ago is wrong. Killing a couple of dozen every 48 hours or so, that’s a different matter. The official position of Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, speaking from his beach in Barbados, is that Israel’s response to the Passover massacre is “disproportionate.”” Read on.

: I, too, miss Thomas Nephew but fear not; I’ve heard from him; he’s safe but busy.

: Great Welch post on the insecurity of the gatekeepers.