Punch… line: The Observer finds

Punch… line
: The Observer finds the, ahem, humor in 9.11.

And they just don’t stop; the laughs keep coming:

Tony Blair publicly drains every drop of blood from his wife to help the injured of New York.

Taking his time, George W. Bush formulates a measured response – which turns out to be the most expensive bollocking ever unleashed against shepherds.

Figures show that even as the second tower fell, people were switching off their televisions, complaining they’d seen it all before.

If it were amusing, it would be offensive. Instead, it is just incredibly stupid.

Oh, those clever Brits. I just wish we were so damned witty.

Where is the outrage?
: Where is the Arab outrage at this abhorrent story: Fifteen girls were killed in a school fire in Saudi Arabia because the country’s religious police — the ludicrously yet frighteningly named Commision for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice — allegedly prevented the girls from leaving the building without their head coverings. And they were trampled to death.

If this happened in America or most any country I’d call civilized, there would be deafening outrage. But I looked at every Arab source I can find online, and I could find no outrage. I could barely find any coverage.

In a story in Saudi Arabia’s Arab News, they treated this as a scandal about building codes and only toward the end mentioned as obliquely as possible the true scandal:

The press pointed fingers of accusation at the Commission for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice on grounds that they obstructed rescue operations….

The press also charged that officials from the commission prevented Civil Defense men and other male volunteers from entering the school to rescue the girls for fear of