Dragging feet: The NY Post

Dragging feet
: The NY Post reports that the Towers of Light memorial has been approved by the city but now some damned bureaucrat is dragging his heels on whether the site can take the weight. Fine. We don’t want the lights to sink into landfill. But rather than whining about it, he should be getting off his ass and getting the facts and making this work. This is important to to hearts of New York and the world.

A “Tribute of Light” memorial to World Trade Center victims got Mayor Bloomberg’s blessing yesterday – but was stalled because its sponsors waited until the last minute to get clearance to use land in Battery Park City.

“I can’t expect to approve something . . . I don’t know . . . will work,” said Tim Carey, president of the Battery Park City Authority.

Carey said there were numerous unanswered questions about the illuminated tribute – including whether its 88 high-wattage xenon spotlights are too heavy to sit on the Hudson River landfill that makes up the proposed site.

“I have to have the hard facts first. We have to ensure the engineering is done properly so we do not cause something to . . . sink in the landfill,” Carey said.

“If it’s not feasible through the engineering I can’t make it happen. There’s a way to do business here.”

If Rudy were still in charge, he would pull together the people involved, crash their heads together, and humiliate them into making this happen. Mayor Mike is too busy planning his weekend hideaways.

Wurtzel, the strip
: Jim Treacher has more Wurtzel comics.

They call this win-win
: BP announced it will not longer give money to any politicians. So smart. Payola probably didn’t really pay off efficiently anyway. You stay out of PR trouble. And you save money. You concentrate on business instead. What a concept.

: Nice line from the poor head of Enron, Stephen Cooper: In the NY Times, he says regarding employees and other creditors:

After putting their time and energy into the hard-charging Enron, “all of a sudden, they get `bageled,’ ” as he put it in a interview this week. “If it happened to me, I’d be livid.”

Bageled? As in zeroed out, a reference to a bagel’s shape? Or a reference to the fact that executives got Enron’s dough and the employees were left with the hole?