Me, muse: I’m honored. Will

Me, muse
: I’m honored. Will Warren, poet laureate of Blogdom, was inspired by my declaration that we are in the He Decade. His verse, here.

I think I’ll vacation in Baghdad instead
: I’m not alone cancelling my vacation plans thanks to terrorism and recession (below). Via Holy Weblog comes word that Muslims aplenty are canceling their pilgrimages to Mecca.

Have you slapped a pacifist today?
: Via Relapsed Catholic in the Women’s Quarterly, the difficulty of being a pacifist:

Have you slapped a pacifist today? If not, get to it. Itís one thing to protest a war undertaken in some remote jungle you have to take a long flight to, and whose purposes may be a bit gauzy. Itís quite another when the enemy is dive-bombing New York and Washington. The fact that our enemies are determined to return the world to the seventh century and force our women to dress in sacks makes the anti-war position all the more controversial. There seems little choice but to douse these people with the hot oil of ridicule.