I hate opening ceremonies: That’s

I hate opening ceremonies
: That’s all I wanted to say.

Me and my rat
: The NY Times reports today on the lingering doubts and fears about health problems at Ground Zero, on 9.11 and since. People simply don’t know what the dangers are. It also reports:

At a federal government laboratory in North Carolina, a hundred mice are breathing dust from the trade center collapse. Some have it injected deep into their lungs, while others get intense one-day exposures in a dust-filled chamber, to mimic the dense cloud that people were caught in on Sept. 11. Other researchers are re-examining the health effects of exposure to large dust particles, which have been linked by physicians to the onset of asthma among some people who worked at ground zero in the days after the disaster.

There is a rat that has breathed the same collection of crushed building I did on 9.11 to see what befalls it. I’m rooting for you, beast.