Rossi saves Broadway: Rossi has

Rossi saves Broadway
: Rossi has a new rant:

We met at the discount ticket kiosk that generally has a line of tourists wrapped around its dividers like a giant multi-colored sausage.

How can anyone wear that much color? I’m not saying I’m opposed to colorful clothing; black, gray, dark green, beige and off-white are fine, but these folks look like they walked through a crayon factory.

Anyway, I was saddened to see only a few folks in line, but when we got to the board, we saw why. There were only two big shows on sale. Les Miserables and The Full Monty. This was good news for Broadway — meant things were sold out — bad news for us…

Rudy: We blew it
: Rudy Guliani says we blew it in not seeing the warnings of a terrorist attack. From the NY Daily News:

“In the 1930s, Hitler told us what he was going to do, and we ignored it for years and years and years. In the 1990s, the terrorists told us what they were going to do. And we ignored it.”

Giuliani, who was introduced yesterday as “America’s mayor,” lambasted U.S. handling of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Iraqi’s Saddam Hussein.

“We glorified Yasser Arafat when he was training terrorists in Palestine,” Giuliani said. “We allowed Saddam Hussein to build weapons of mass destruction as we removed inspectors. And we ignored รณ I can’t say the handwriting on the wall, but maybe the handwriting just in the desk drawer that just needed to be opened.

“We should never do that again.”

He also softened his stand on the World Trade Center memorial; see my 9.11 Memorial blog.

Watch out, bozos
: If the anti-world-trade bozos coming to New York cause me the slightest inconvenience or fear as I head into the city, I swear, I will bite their noses off and spray them with mace and spit on them and find any way I can to humiliate the little twerps. The last thing New York needs is trouble and we will not tolerate it.

This makes profiling tougher
: Last night, friends told us about flying and seeing 65-year-old little old American ladies being given the complete search at airports and you have to admit that’s absurd; it’s just an effort to say, “see, we don’t profile; we search old ladies, too.” The attacks have been made by young men and it’s young (Arab or suspicious) men who should be searched.

Uh-oh. But wait. Now it appears the latest suicide bomber in Israel is a woman.

History, made
: Many are pointing to the Washington Post series ticking the hours that led us to war. It is a good and gripping account.

Tom Ridge, Inc.
: Tom Ridge and George Bush have begun to release details of their homeland security plan — see the Washington Post story and the White House fact sheet.

I can’t make sense of it yet, which is a problem — part of what we need here is a decisive strategy outlined with laser clarity to we the potential victims. Still, this is a start. The highlights:

: The $37 billion budget includes, the Post says, “$6 billion for bioterrorism prevention, including medical research on vaccines; $5 billion for aviation security; $1 billion for intelligence systems and more than $11 billion for other programs, including making structural improvements and shoring up security at government buildings.

: Ridge and Bush emphasized the $3.5 billion being proposed to help “first responders” (police, fire, et al). This includes, the White House says, “$105 million to support state and local governments in developing comprehensive plans to prepare for and respond to a terrorist attack;” $2 billion to buy equipment, including personal protective equipment, chemical and biological detection systems, and interoperable communications gear; $1.1 billion to “train firefighters, police offices, and emergency medical technicians to respond and operate in a chemical or biological environment;” $245 million to “support a coordinated, regular exercise program.”

: And there’s other talk about involving “all Americans in programs to make their homes, communities, states, and nation safer and stronger.”

I don’t mean to keep harping on Ridge but see what I mean — it’s still about vague generalities and big numbers. Let’s hope that Bush gets down to the brass tacks of what this means for our protection in the State of the Union address.:

: Some new posts today at my new blog on the 9.11 memorial in New York:

: Stories about the saving of artifacts from the destruction of the World Trade Center for future memorials and museums — molten lumps of the building, the TV tower, mangled art.

: A good essay that argues that we should not turn lower Manhattan into a city of the dead.

Denton returns
: Nick Denton was quiet while he traveled to Thailand, Mexico, London, and New York (what am I doing wrong?) but now he has settled and he’s a blogging boy again. If you haven’t checked out lately, get back in the habit now that it appears he’s back in the habit.

: A scene from his current hometown of San Francisco (I tried to convince him that he belongs in New York: “young guy, disturbed, white, weaving across a street in the Financial District, emptying piles of the Bay Guardian onto the street, throwing the newspapers violently into a puddle as if they’d done something to annoy him…” Actually, I have it on good authority that that was a crazed weblogger screeching about media bias and print dinosaurs. Unconfirmed reports suggest it could be Andrew Sullivan or any number of others.