Psst. Instapundit sent me: Scroll

Psst. Instapundit sent me
: Scroll down to yesterday for the Arab/Olympic post.

Fine, leave
: Robert Altman, crackpot director (I always hated Nashville; nonsensical and overrated) fumes about America to the Times of London [via Drudge, NY Post] and once again tries to blame terrorists on Hollywood (as if they were watching Bruce Willis movies in Kabul):

ìI am a political person,î Altman says, ìbut I donít have to put a strong debate into a film. This present government in America I just find disgusting, the idea that George Bush could run a baseball team successfully ó he canít even speak! I just find him an embarrassment. I was over here when the election was on and I couldnít believe it ó and Iím 76 years old. Then when the Supreme Court came in and turned out to be a totally political animal, the last shred of any naivety that was left in me has gone. When I see an American flag flying, itís a joke.î

An enraged Altman suddenly checks himself, aware that he is on sensitive ground in our post-September 11 world. But, controversially, he thinks that Hollywood may have inspired the World Trade Centre attacks. ìWe gave them the ideas ó it was a movie,î he fumes. ìWe should be ashamed of ourselves….

“If you asked would I live in London the rest of my life, yeah, Iíd be very happy to stay here. Thereís nothing in America that I would miss at all.î

It’ll take more than barbed wire to keep us apart
: The British press keeps looking for the moment when we do something to split up the alliance. Remember (I’m too lazy to find the old links but you’ll recall) when they shouted that all our bombing would split apart the alliance with Britain et al. Didn’t happen. Now they say that our prison on the beach will do it. Don’t believe it.

: There is no unified view of our treatment of the prisoners; just look at Tim Blair‘s excellent compilation of confusion.

: The Red Cross complains about our prison. Yes, the Red Cross is an organization with great credibility these days.

Or just stay home under your blanket
: If you were starting to feel normal again, just read this report from an antiterrorism class in the Times of London. Handy tips include:

If your plane gets hijacked, you will have one and a half minutes to take action. Prudent passengers will do the following:

– Once on board, ensure you have an airline blanket, can of Coke, pen, magazine and keys within easy reach.

– If the plane is hijacked, these become instant weapons. The blanket is to smother the terrorist, the belt to garrotte him. The belt can also be swung buckle first.

– Pens and keys can take out eyes and be used on pressure points.

– Roll up the magazine and jab it at the hijackerís eyes or solar plexus, or aim it at an artery.

– Placing shoes on the hands offers some protection.

– A can of Coke can either be thrown at the hijacker or used at close range to give force to a blow on the head or neck.

Or just hope there’s an air marshall on board!

Rightie media bias, cont.
: Andrew Sullivan, still playing his one-note, keeps going after Krugman but handles Bill Kristol with cashmere-lined kid gloves. Kristol revealed that he was paid by Enron. “Good for Bill,” says Andrew. The details? Oh, Andrew’s patient. Looks like a case of media bias to me.

: Even Opinion Journal’s Taranto says Sullivan is over-reacting.

This man needs intervention. Call Redbaiters Anonymous, quick. He needs a sponsor. 12 steps back to the middleground.

: Update: Sullivan has checked himself into rehab: “NO MORE KRUGMAN: I promise. Point made. But keep your eyes peeled for any other Enron-sponsored pundits on their high horses.”