Melt-down: The PC statue is

: The PC statue is no more.

But seriously…
: Read Ken Layne‘s controlled rant about the story behind the story in OJR (see yesterday, below). It’s getting personal.

Roses are red, quagmirists are blue…
: I got email tonight from a new weblogger, Will Warren, promising something completely different: a blog in verse. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes. I clicked with fear and trepidation. He sent it to me with fear and trepidation because I had whined about a bad PBS special of post-9/11 poetry. But click I did and the first verse I read — a tribute to a loser leftist column by Heather Mallick in the Globe & Mail — won me over:

Heather Mallick, Heather Mallick,

Do you have a hole cephalic?

Is your cranium still clicking?

Have your brain cells ceased their ticking?

Are your neurons all a-twisty?

Is your vision foggy, misty?

Is your mind becoming cloudy

From your efforts to be Dowd-y?

He takes on Ted Rall’s most ridiculous of statements: ìConspiracy theories are funny things: the wackier they

sound, the more likely they are to be true.”

…And yet I canít get round a stumbling block:

One wacky theory isnít worth two cents:

If it were proven true, oh! what a shock:

That Rall could write a sentence that made sense.

Most of it is satire; one, about Flight 93, is serious. Take a click.

And this inspires me to wish for more blog genres: The country blog or better yet, the hip-hop blog, RapBlog: “Justin Raimondo, you my bitch”

Terrorist hygiene
: Good thing terrorists have bad personal hygiene. They had to be taught where to put deodorant and thank God that Richard “Maxwell Stupid” Reid didn’t put any Dr. Scholl’s powder on his sweaty feet: The London Times reports that his own perspiration doused his fuse.