Pssst. Instapundit sent me: Click

Pssst. Instapundit sent me
: Click here for the end of the PC era.

Death or Cuba
: You think the Afghan prisoners in Cuba have it tough? Ha! Afghanistan now says it would execute even bin Laden and Mullah Omar.

PC set in stone
: Tim Blair takes the PC statue ruccus (below) to the next step, with his nominations for liberals in relief, e.g., Keiko the killer whale, some crack babies, and a Chevrolet Corvair or Diana, Princess of Wales, Enron, and the ozone layer. .

: I’ve just watched a remarkable video, WTC: the first 24 hours, shot by cameraman Etienne Sauret with no narration or added sound; it needs none. The film begins with a limited view through a window of the first tower on fire and the second tower exploding in flame and then each tower collapsing. Next, we see what Sauret’s camera sees at the World Trade Center and in the streets around, day and night: the billions of papers that survived and covered the ground, the cars overturned and burned, the enormity of the pile of debris. But what’s most striking are the faces of the rescuers, shocked and disbelieving. The film ends with a lone rescuer climbing a pile of debris, shouting out, “Hello?”

I got the DVD version at the Here Is New York gallery when I picked up the last of the photos I ordered there. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on ordering the film on the web site and the gallery is essentially shut up now, looking to reopen soon. I recommend it. HBO or PBS would be smart to air it.

: At the same time, I do not know why we are being protected from seeing another video shot by a French cameraman, Jules Naudet, from the lobby of the World Trade Center even as one of the towers collapsed. The New York Times reports that the video is making the rounds of firehouses and the filmmaker wants to create a documentary for the families of victims. I cannot see why we also cannot view the film. In some odd ways, it helps to see the unbelievable nature of what happened that day so we can believe it again ourselves. I urge that it be edited and shown.