Sermon over- For a proper

Sermon over
– For a proper antidote to my sermonizing, see Ken Layne‘s (and Tim Blair’s) holiday songs. And thanks to Ken for the link to the sermon.

Not flying solo
The BBC says the shoe bomber likely was not acting alone.

The TALLiban
– Alert Kathy Kinsley points out that the shoe bomber and the missing Osama bin Laden are the same height! Maybe Osama did have plastic surgery, she says. Maybe we should just round up all 6’4″ men. That would include Howard Stern. Uh-oh: That would include me. No, I protest! This is spatial profiling!

Calling all big guys
– The best scene-setter I’ve seen yet on what happened on the shoe bomb flight, from the Washington Post.

Are those platform shoes you’re wearing or are you just happy to see me?
– The pictures of people taking off their shoes to put them through the X-ray machine at airports only points to the hopeless absurdity of this. So now they check shoes. But the next nut could hide the C4 in his pocket. Or as an astute reader of Instapundit puts it: “I can only hope that a terrorist never tries to blow up a plane using some C4 hidden up his ass.” I repeat, the only solution is to Fly Naked.