Rat trap- Newsweek says John

Rat trap
Newsweek says John The Rat Traitor Superdoofus Walker was more than just a geek given a gun. “According to administration sources, he also admitted to being a member of Al Qaeda and training at its camps, where he participated in terrorist exercisesóincluding learning to use explosives and poisonsóand met with visiting Qaeda officials, including Osama bin Laden. Walker also admitted having been instructed in how to act in airports so as not to attract police attention. ‘He was no innocent bystander,’ said one official. ‘This wasnít like learning to be a soldier in Pattonís Army. He was training to commit terrorist acts.’ ”

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Osama bin Hoffa
– So Tora Bora has fallen! Let’s hear a victory grunt! But no Osama? Think he’ll ever be found? Or will he become the Hoffa/Elvis/Earhart legend of our times?

As Sgt. Schulz said, I know nossing…
– The Sunday Times of London says lawyers fear the bin Laden tape could hurt the prosecution of his terrorists because binny says many of his dupes did not know the details of the terror plot before they executed it.

– Also from the Times: Close ties between bin Laden and the terror murderers who attacked the Indian parliament this week.

Badda bin!
– The Observer says the bin Laden tape is genuine but may be the product of a CIA sting. They hint that the gimpy Gumpy — Ali Saeed al-Ghamdi — who’s kissing bin Laden’s ass on the tape may have been “turned” by intelligence agents — just as the FBI “turns” a Mafia turncoat — to take part in getting the incriminating tape. If so, I’ll take back the bad things I said about the wipe.

– Also from the Observer: Authorities in Afghanistan found detailed plans for a remote-control truck bomb vs. London.

God’s war? No such thing
Reid “Photodude” Stott adds to my (one-sided) argument with Andrew Sullivan over calling this a religious war on the basis of bin Laden’s “faith.” I’ll let Stott speak for himself… But I’ll say more on religion and the war and John Ashcroft tomorrow…

Everybody needs 15 minutes of PR
– I’ll know I’ve arrived when Tim Blair includes me in his daily blogwatch.

– Via Moon Farmer, a Law.com journal if Blackberry email to and from one law firm as they tried to track down all their colleagues in the World Trade Center.

So much for moving to Canada
– The National Post says bin Laden operatives are as thick as maple leafs up there.