More from the California crockpot-

More from the California crockpot
– From the West-Coast-based Pacific News Service, another idiot article, this one asking whether John The Rat Traitor Superdoofus Walker is the first of a trend.

I wonder, how many more John Walkers are there in America? Is it possible that fundamentalist Islam ó angry, violent, focused ó could find a new generation of converts, not in inner-city black America, but from white American suburbs, like Littleton, Colo., or Marin County, Calif.?

Crap. Walker is just one lunatic, one nut, one crazy doofus fool traitor idiot. There is no trend here. A trend would assume that Walker put a single synapse’s worth of real thought behind what he did. A trend would assume that we are raising a generation of idiots and doofuses. We are not. The only doofuses I see are the ones going to work in West Coast journalism.

– More of my politically incorrect geographic profiling below.

Yankee ingenuity
– The Federation of American Scientists compiles the evidence that the antrax came from a U.S. government program. Still doesn’t say, though, that the stuff couldn’t have been stolen and spread by a ferner. [via Die Zeit]

The Greatest Reality Show Of All Time!
– Who knows whether to believe it — it is the Mirror, quoting bin Laden’s estranged wife, on Russian TV .. that’s three strikes — but still, who can resist? They say that bin Laden will commit suicide on TV — ordering his sons to shoot him — and thus trigger the mother of all terrorist attacks on the U.S., the U.K., and France. I used to work for TV Guide; I can write the treatment for this one: I was thinking Regis or Joe Rogan for the host but Geraldo may be better — he’d pick up the gun and shoot binny himself. And maybe we can steal from the old Larry the Lobster skit in the early days of SNL: The audience gets to call in and vote whether to kill him. Of course, the vote would be overwhelmingly in favor of pulling the trigger but it’d feel good to vote — pop culture as catharsis — and the 900-number fees could go to the victims families (just please, not through the Red Cross). For that matter, we could make this into a pay-per-view special. You’d pay, wouldn’t you?

Happy Chanukah to us all
– Another remarkable Rossi Ranttoday. She gathers up dreidels and geld and chocolate cars, determined to bring Chanukah to Ground Zero. She survives tourists and finds her goal. Do yourself a favor: Click here.