Can the Mullah get the

Can the Mullah get the cell next to the blind cleric?
The Times of London reports that Mullah Omar is being held captive in a “friendly environment.” More on the religious despot from the Times: “The devout son of an impoverished farmer from southwest Afghanistan, he had no experience of politics, little education, no understanding of international affairs and a medieval view of religion.”

Ashcroft: as scary as…
– I admit I was practicing political cognitive dissonance when it came to civil rights and the war. I wanted us to get the f’ers and, yes, I was willing to throw out a few pages of the Constitution… for now. I was willing, that is, until I heard John Ashcroft before Congress and was reminded of just how frightening — just how much of a fundamentalist — this guy is. Now I am scared. We’re heading toward the old absolute-power-corrupts-absolutely equation; Ashcroft (with Boss Bush et al right behind him) are getting too cocky, too power-mad, too dismissive of what we like to call democracy. I won’t argue with their need to push limits to protect us. I won’t argue with temporary suspension of some rights toward that end. But I cannot stand to see the paternalistic Ashcroft and dogmatic, inflexible Bush returning to the scene, acting as if they don’t need our approval but we need theirs. It’s the other way around, guys; Bush has had a problem understanding this ever since he lost/won the election in Florida. True, we gave him license, lost of license, since 9/11. But he’s letting Ashcroft blow it for him. I’d link to Welch or Layne, who had something very smart to say about this today, but it appears both their sites are down. Later.

Today is V.A. Day!
– The Telegraph’s editorial on victory in Afghanistan:

The decision by the Taliban to surrender Kandahar, its last stronghold, is a tremendous vindication of American political will and military strength.

Within three months of the suicide hijackings on September 11, the United States has brought a regime on the other side of the world to its knees. George Bush has shown that he can strike against the sponsors of terrorism at will.

As for the terrorists themselves, the fate of Osama bin Laden and his al-Qa’eda network, now shorn of their Taliban protection, is telling testimony to the cost of attacking the one remaining superpower.

Nuremberg, here we come
– We’re already in a muddle about the fate of Mullah Omar. The head of the interim government said with his first official breath that the one-eyed, addle-brained, terrorist, sicko religious freak would get safe passage home. Then, on NPR tonight, he said that Omar would have to renounce terrorism — but he wouldn’t say what he’d do if Omar wouldn’t comply. Meanwhile, Washington says no deal, he has to face trial — but that could be in an Afghan court. Put him on trial somewhere, just bring him to justice, for his crimes against his own people and us.

– And speaking of bozos who need to face a jury: Johnny The Rat Traitor Superdoofus Walker refused to cooperate with Hero CIA Agent Mike Spann shortly before his death. The Newsweek story about a videotape taken of Walker is amazing. Spann and the other CIA agent, “Dave,” try again and again to get Walker to talk to them but the traitor does not.

Spann [to Dave]: I explained to him what the deal is.

Spann [to Walker]: Itís up to you.

Dave [to Spann]: The problem is, heís got to decide if he wants to live or die. If he wants to die, heís going to die here. Or heís going to fócking spend the rest of his short fócking life in prison. Itís his decision, man. We can only help the guys who want to talk to us. We can only get the Red Cross to help so many guys.

We did see the Pope using the Internet, didn’t we?
– One of the great things about having a blog is looking at the stats and seeing where people come from. Former pacifist that I am, I’m amused to see readers from the various military branches. I’m flattered to see the Senate. I’m gratified to see loyal reader from Sweden and Petsmart, too. But the best yesterday: the Vatican.

Speaking of God…
– The mother superior of the blog with the best name in Blogdom, Relapsed Catholic, had to take a few days off, so she pointed to what we in the old media world would call her competitors and thus I discovered another religion blog of which I have become a fast fan: Holy Weblog! I like religion with attitude. Sample posts:

Sigh. You never call. You never write. Ananova: “A charity phone line which helps people join the Pope in prayer has only attracted six calls in two months.”
What would Jesus pierce? The Boston Globe examines the harder edge of Christian music: “In the world of religious rock, circa 2001, giving praise and wreaking havoc seem indistinguishable, and love of Jesus and love of tongue studs peacefully coexist.”