The eternal flame- The fire

The eternal flame
– The fire at the World Trade Center is still burning almost three months after the attack, reports New Scientist. Before it is finally extinguished, I humbly suggest that the city capture it for an eternal flame in the memorial.

Nuclear mules
– Debka says there’s further evidence that bin Laden is smuggling radioactive materials into the U.S. It says that the Pakistani who died in U.S. custody in Hudson County, NJ — my backyard — had the symptoms of radiation poisoning, leading them to theorize that he was bringing nukes into the U.S.:

In the first week of October, a Pakistani arrested on immigration charges in the course of the FBI investigation into the September 11 suicide attacks, complained of bleeding gums and pain, symptoms of gingivitis. He was treated with antibiotics, but was found dead in his cell in Hudson Count jail in Kearny, New Jersey, three weeks later.

The cause of death was not released, any more than the dead manís identity.

DEBKA-Net-Weeklyís medical experts note that the bleeding gums the anonymous Pakistani was treated for are a symptom of radiation poisoning, suggesting he might have been a ìmuleî transporting nuclear materials or devices into America. (A subsequent investigation revealed that he had contracted gingivitis as a result of radiation-induced leukemia.)

This explanation would imply that more than one such carrier is employed by al Qaeda to smuggle nuclear materials or devices into the United States, Western Europe and the Middle East, their mission being to plant their deadly burdens in pre-arranged secret locations, ready for activation.

Whatever happened to that dork in high school
– The tale the American-turned-Taliban is just too amazing. Superdoofus. The Newsweek story … NY Times: “John Walker Lindh’s parents knew he was a different sort of boy” … SF Chronicle (boy, is this a San Francisco kinda story) … The father is on Today this morning. “I saw John as having opinions I didn’ t agree with but I never saw John as being a terrorist…. John is a very good-natured kid… John’s a very peaceful boy….” …who should have been in therapy long ago.

Three traitors so far.

– More scary pictures of the Superdoofus from the Sun.

High, higher, highest
– So Ridge puts us on high alert. Weren’t we already there? Or did we need to be reminded to be scared again? Want more motivation? The Washington Post says bin Laden made greater strides in getting nukes than previously thought…. And the U.S. now admits that thousands of letters may be tinged with anthrax.

– More smart words from Andrew Sullivan: “Iím grateful to the Post for this story not least because I notice in myself ñ and all around me ñ an unnerving sense that the war is somehow over. People arenít talking about it in the same earnest and desperate way they were before. I guess we knew this would happen ñ but itís surely a mistake. Weíre barely three months away from the massacre, and growing psychologically complacent. Iím not say we should stay afraid indefinitely ñ just that itís good to have a reminder that we still have something to be very afraid of.”

– The Times of London says Blair is softening his opposition to attacking Iraq.

Life returns to normal
– And there are reports this morning that police raided O.J. Simpson’s home. Howard Stern is in heaven. Later news: part of an investigation into ecstasy sales, theft of satellite TV service, and money laundering. Superduperdoofus.