Sorry for light posting today.

Sorry for light posting today. Have a cold. Very grumpy. Would probably call for nuking countries and then wake up to regret it. Took red wine cure. Retreating to my mountain cave. Back tomorrow.

– The food angle: Times of London says we’re rushing to buy cupcakes as we hunger for comfort food. If only Boston Market could have held on, eh?

– If only you could buy Amtrak stock: Gunman shuts Atlanta’s airport. “If you want me to fly, you’ve got to stop this kind of nonsense,” said one would-be passenger.

Ken Layne, Matt Welch, Nick Denton: Have at him — more bilge from the Mirror’s John Pilger calling this a “war of lies.”

– More Russia love: “Our kids won’t even know we’re supposed to hate the Russians,” says Ken Layne.

– Now German love: Schroeder calls the Greens’ bluff in their complaints about sending troops to our war and he wins his vote of confidence.