– Well-said: The Telegraph celebrates

– Well-said: The Telegraph celebrates the victory (so far).

– Howard Stern is properly pissed this morning about the government falling over itself to assume the JFK crash is an accident. We don’t know yet.

– Mohammed Atta picks up a ladyfriend on a flight. [Via Moonfarmer]

– Oh, hell, our side is winning. The Northern Alliance is in Kabul. This could be bad news for lots of reasons, primarily: Once the Taliban is defeated, every fair-weather ally will want us to stop fighting when, in fact, the enemy is everywhere, including Iraq. It will be harder to keep the PR coalition together as the war continues. Nick Denton‘s two cents: “I would rather the Islamic international brigade stay there, and die there, rather than leach out full of revenge into the wider world.”

Ken Layne is a one-man blogfest this week; lots of good posts.

– Thomas (Newsrack) Nephew has a fun feud with a German editor over their odd opinion of taking on oppression. He says to me: “I keep thinking, naively, jeez, you’d think they’d jump at a chance to join the civilized world in doing the right thing…. Maybe I should take it easier on Germany: the US public wasn’t exactly gung-ho about taking on Hitler, either, once upon a time. In fact, Hitler had to declare war on us to really get our attention.”

– Here’s one reason Germans are hinky on deploying troops: It could cause the government to fall. Schroeder calls for a confidence vote on Afghan war troops.

Kabul: Get out the razors, burn the burqas.

Guardian lead: “American Airlines flight 587, bound for Santo Domingo, crashes into Queens. ‘It is a test,’ Mayor Giuliani says. I believe him. I just wish I knew who was doing the testing: God or Osama bin Laden?”

– Mirror page 1: Same City, Same Airline, Same Time… Coincidence or Bin Laden?