Make love and war: Barnes

Make love and war: Barnes & Noble stock fell 36 percent when it announced lower earnings because of 9/11. People are quaking, not reading. I’m waiting for this to be added to the list of patriotic duties: Shop… eat out… travel… mail… buy stock… read… How can we extend this to sex and liquor?

– Moslems sell bin Laden video in Brit mosque.

‘Thraxed buildings can’t be guaranteed to be safe.

– The competing theories on anthrax. Makes me feel less save in Jersey.

– Now this is getting weird: A Vietnam connection to anthrax. First, a Vietnamese-American woman dies of the disease in New York with no clues as to how she got it. Now a British company in Vietnam gets anthrax.

Literary analysis of the anthrax letters: knows New Jersey; may speak Arabic languagues; may know Canada.

Der Spiegel (in German): Bin Laden has gum interests in Africa so “every time anyone buys a cola you could be enriching the treasure chest of Bin Laden.”

– Another wonderful Rossi Rant on our post traumatic stress syndrome: the memories of 9/11.

– Become a reporter, get a biohazard suit.

– Antiwar protester uses flower as weapon against Prince Charles. Find irony at will.

Winston Churchill played with anthrax on what is now called Anthrax Island: “He didn’t see why the devil should have all the best weapons.”

– We appoint an official war spin doctor.

BBC enters Kabul, breaking Al Jazeera’s monopoly.

– From the horse’s (ass’) mouth: Good on Nick Denton for finding WBUR’s daily translation of leading stories on Al Jazeera. See also Cursor’s site on the Arab TV network. See also a great Newsrack roundup of translations of scary stuff from Arab press (including the scary link to an anthrax love letter that has been working its way up blogdex).

– My favorite spam of the day: “Are YOU PREPARED for a TERRORIST ATTACK ? Then you need the BioChem Survival Manual”

– Complicating an already complicated war: Blair pushes to tie Middle East harmony with the war on terrorism. Both are good causes but tying them makes each job harder. The coverage of this angle on Blair’s visit was emphasized much more in the UK than here. Times. Independent.

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