– Former head of Saudi

– Former head of Saudi intelligence says bin Laden was a “nice guy” who changed: “I saw radical changes in his personality as he changed from a calm, peaceful and gentle man interested in helping Muslims into a person who believed that he would be able to amass and command an army to liberate Kuwait. It revealed his arrogance and his haughtiness.”

– If we try to run this war the way we run the country — by polls — we’re in trouble. Did Britain worry about that in World War II? Russia? Us?

Interview with Harvard’s Samuel (Clash of Civilizations) Huntington. [Via Bushwacker]

– Thanks to TV and Osama, Islam discovers the power of PR: a call for an Islamic media network from Iran.

– Bush says bin Laden is out to get nukes. And Netanyahu says on Fox that if terrorists get nukes, New York is the target.