– Russian germ warriors warn:

– Russian germ warriors warn: Start vaccinating against smallpox now.

Christian Science Monitor looks for the voices of moderate Islam; can’t find many.

Iranians celebrate the anniversary of taking our embassy workers hostage. Iranian official: “Although we condemn the September 11 terror attack on America,

the event proved that America’s might is rickety and illusory.”

– Tough journalistic duty in Pakistan [via Romenesko]. And Arab cab drivers in Arabia are just like Arab cab drivers in New York, says Paknews [via Moonfarmer].

– They arrested this guy with knives and mace at the airport… and then released him… even though he lists the same address as a material witness to 9/11. [via Marshall]

– Post on Pravda says bin Laden’s videos foretell his next targets and this guy says the UN General Assembly is next.