Odd night — colored by

Odd night — colored by our odd new world — on TV tonight as giants battle giants with enough big shows to give a person with a remote control carpel tunnel syndrome: The World Series finale on Fox vs. the Emmys on CBS vs. The Uprising about the Warsaw Ghetto on NBC vs. the end of Band of Brothers on HBO. The Emmys are pathetic and ridiculous; they never were much more (I’m a former TV critic and once had to care about them) but this year, after the show’s delays and the snubbing of New York’s firemen and the many moments of actors making asses of themselves recently, the Emmys are simply as meaningless as the stars they celebrate. Watching a network Holocaust movie is too much to bear now that we are in the midst of another worldwide battle against evil and so we see the the battle against Hitler was not the last. Same problem with Band of Brothers; that was not the war to end all wars. So I can’t help being drawn to the World Series even if I don’t like baseball; who can resist the honest suspense and emotions of America’s game?

– More details on the anthrax search leading to a Trenton apartment.

– Good news: Bin Laden is finally pissing off Arab leaders.

– Attributed to Ken Kesey [via Blowback]: “We have a secret advantage: we don’t fight our battle out of Hate. Anger, yes, if we have to, but anger is enough.”

– Many want Britain to give us the Millenium Dome to cover Ground Zero. Find symbolism where you may.

– $1 million donated to Ground Zero rescue dogs. Oy.

– Now this gives me confidence in the feds: The Washington Post reports on the FBI’s strategy of detaining suspicious Arab males under any pretense it can find. Profiling? You bet! This is not the time for political correctness. This is the time for protection.

– Brits dub him “Spin Laden.”

Die Zeit (in German): Arab papers are filled with schadenfreude and antiamericanism.